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NENA Ontario - Ours to Discover

September 20 & 21, 2021

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September 20, 2021


Opening Remarks


Linda Dickson
NENA On, President


Holly Barkwell
NENA Canadian Director


President's Award Presentation

Congratulations to Stephanie Mordus - Windsor Police Service, the recipient of the NENA Ontario President's Award.


Linda Dickson




Allan Kehler
Speakers Canada


PSAP NG9-1-1 Onboarding and Core Components

This session will include a review of the PSAP migration and NG9-1-1 onboarding process including: policy routing rules, call flow and technical requirements


Martin Michaud


Frederic Lachance


PSAP Operations and NG9-1-1 Cross Impacts

This session will include information with regard to new agreements, bulletins, report changes, speedcall list changes and more.


Richard Little


ESWG Update

An update will be provided on current ESWG activities and the TIF status.


Chris Kellett




NG911 for small-midsize organizations. Roadmap and Solutions

Best practices and findings during NG9-1-1 deployment along with considerations affecting smaller organizations. We currently dispatch for Police and Fire. Technical solutions as well as procedural considerations will be discussed. The Owen Sound Police Service currently dispatches for approximately 30 firehalls and 7 police services in Ontario.


Chris Hill
Owen Sound Police Service


Suzanne Bell-Matheson
Owen Sound Police Service


Your Plan for NG9-1-1: Removing Operational Barriers

How do PSAPs unlock the power of their information to implement modern-day public safety practices? What are the best practices that can be used to solve, predict and prevent crime? Join us as we discover how your information can be used to make quick, life-saving decisions, keep the Public Safety community safer, reduce risk, increase community engagement and more. You will walk away with: a new perspective on how to implement goals, a solid approach to reduce trial and error inefficiency and a better understanding on how to use data for end-to-end results.


Tullio Bergagnini
Motorola Solutions


Preparing for a Deposition and Courtroom Testimony

The purpose of this course is to prepare the 9-1-1 officer with an understanding of different types of law, legal concepts, terms and specific issues related to 9-1-1. The course is designed to demonstrate the value of understanding legal terms for 9-1-1 officers so that they are prepared when subpoenaed to testify at a deposition or to testify in court.


Charles Carter
9-1-1 Expert Witness


Capabilities and Benefits of Utilizing Police Marine Units

This will be a pre-recorded presentation.


Sgt. Jon Pilkington
NRPS Marine Unit

September 21, 2021



Get ready for the day with a virtual yoga session.


Andrea McGee
Soulfire Yoga


NG911 Analysis Paralysis

The hype around the transition process to NG9-1-1 has created an environment where many agencies are afraid to make a decision on how to move forward. Together we will unravel the mystery, myths and technical details and fill in some blanks on your "To Do" list. For some it may be confirmation of things you are doing right and help you focus on where to go next. For others, it will provide a spring board to action with concrete steps on how to get started.


Holly Barkwell
Barkwell-Holland Group


Next Generation Emergency Communications: What do we want from the Internet of Life Saving things?

The range of type of communication technology is changing dramatically. From Smartphones to connected vehicles, buildings and devices - who and what emergency services will need to communicate with and how they manage this data will change radically over the next few years. In this session we will demonstrate how Canadian Emergency Services can take advantage of additional, enhanced data and turn it into life-saving information that will aid a more appropriate, quicker emergency response.


Jeremy Habberley


Making a Smooth Transition to NG9-1-1

PSAPS are aware that the mandated NG9-1-1 transition timeline to move from voice-only to digital is looming. While the CRTC has revised its deadline a few times, PSAPS cannot afford to wait to start the transition when it comes to a project of this magnitude. Drawing on experience from assisting PSAPS across the country to plan their transition to NG9-1-1, this presentation will highlight the challenges and opportunities in the migration process and will help demystify the technology involved to help PSAPs better understand what they need to do today to be ready to meet CRTC guidelines.


Joe Hickey
ROCK Networks


Benefits of Integrating Therapy Dogs for Reducing Stress


Sgt. Leisha Holmes
NRPS Member Support




How Our PSAP got ready for NG9-1-1

An exploration of what PSAPs and 9-1-1 Authorities, specifically in Ontario, have been doing (and must do) to prepare for NG9-1-1. This will include vendor RFPs, operational considerations, staffing, GIS, security and technical considerations. In this presentation, we are arranging to have a PSAP/Region co-present to show the process from decision-making to engagement. The goal of the presentation is to demonstrate how some have already started and progressed into their NG9-1-1 journey


Compassion Fatigue

This session will define the term "compassion fatigue", provide information on how and why it occurs and offer tips on how to avoid and overcome the effects.


Dr. Jennifer Short
NRPS Member Support


Support for Emergency Service Workers that is close to home

Information and description of a retreat for emergency service workers experiencing PTSD that is located just south of the border in NY state.


Cynthia Goss
Law Enforcement EAP


Closing Remarks


Linda Dickson
NENA On, President

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